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A-Z Truck driver Schools and Forklift Schools.

Must Watch/Read..

This is why us here at LIFT Training take this stuff seriously. Training is no Joke..


This is what is going on in our city! The A-Z Truck driving schools getting away with licensing people when they shouldn't be licensed.
This is NO different then what is goes on with other Forklift Schools. Most of these "Schools" watch someone for an hour on a lift truck then certify them even though they should never be certified. Sometimes they don't even get on a lift truck. Forklifts weigh on average about 3 times heavier than a car. Students then have no training and end up hurt. Never go for the cheapest deal on Training. Go visit places, find out if they are abiding by the Ministry guidelines. Minimum of 8 Hours of Theory, and 8 Hours of Practical Training.
Like everything, this is a Buyer Beware situation. Dont just call around asking for a price, you will get burned. A deal to go to be true, probably is.

Protect yourself and do it the right way first. Make sure your family is coming home at night.


Jordan Brimley
Branch Manager
LIFT Training Forklift School

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